How It Works: TradeGrade™

 Accurately appraise trades, in seconds

See how our online trade-in tool can transform your dealerships ability to snatch more trade-ins.

How It Works

  1. Perform TradeGrade™ appraisal process
  2. Review and submit vehicle
  3. Get an offer in seconds
  4. Negotiate the trade value with confidence
  5. Increase profit and customer satisfaction


Stop Missing Trades

Premium offers are delivered within seconds at point of appraisal, allowing dealers to trade for more cars each month.

  • Stop customers from walking away - negotiate trades confidently 
  • Use CarOffer's premium offers to save-a-deal 

“CarOffer is the best tool we’ve seen in years –it’s powerful and simple to use. We have successfully bought and sold units on CarOffer, and the system has allowed us to trade for 20-25% more vehicles due to its real-time offers at point of appraisal. I encourage every dealer to look at CarOffer.”

Chuck Kramer, COO, Foundation Auto Corp.

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Get automatic, competitive offers on your pre-owned inventory to keep your lot packed with the freshest, most desirable units— all while avoiding the impact of aged inventory.

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