How It Works: TradeGrade™

 Accurately appraise trades, in seconds

The Key To Profitability Is To Trade For More Cars


See how our online trade-in tool can transform your dealerships ability to snatch more trade-ins.

How It Works

  1. Perform TradeGrade™ appraisal process
  2. Review and submit vehicle
  3. Get an offer in seconds
  4. Negotiate the trade value with confidence
  5. Increase profit and customer satisfaction


Stop Missing Trades

Take the guesswork out of the appraisal process. With TradeGrade™, follow our predefined trade-in tool to get accurate offers in real-time.

Enter the vehicle's information and conduct a short “interview” with the owner using our predefined questionnaire. Hit “Submit” and the car will instantly load into the CarOffer dashboard with competitive offers.

Double your trade ratio by offering your consumer a more competitive price for their trade-in. CarOffer gives you the upper hand when the negotiation process begins; never watch another prospective customer walk away again.

“The tool that is going to be the most impactful for us is the ability to control that consistent appraisal evaluation at trade… We want to get a consistent, correct evaluation on every car that we look at, so that we don’t miss deals. We’re not putting too much in cars; we’re not putting too little in cars; we are moving in that direction.”

Derek Simons , Friendship Automotive

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