CarOffer is the industry’s first instant trade platform

“Our instant trade platform is the first of its kind and will completely revolutionize the way you do business. We consolidated six of the industry’s essential operating software into one easy to use the platform to save you money and raise your bottom line by hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

— CarOffer Founder & CEO Bruce Thompson

  • In 2018, the average dealer lost $2 on every pre-owned vehicle sold
  • The average dealer’s inventory is 50% over 45 days old and 15% over 90 days old
  • Race to the bottom pricing “strategies” have only led to margin compression
  • The average dealer only wins 3.5 vehicles out of every 10 appraised
  • Dealers are paying record prices at auction and are still burdened by enormous fees

Our easy-to-use platform revitalizes the industry, giving power back to the dealer.

Not only will dealers save more money, but they will also drastically increase sales and profitability. In the first year, CarOffer will drive hundreds of thousands of dollars back to the dealer’s bottom line.

Double Appraisal Win Ratios
Increase your trade-to-win ratios, move cars instantly, eliminate your risk profile, and take back control of your bottom line.

Retail-Driven/No Wholesale Loss
The ability to turn inventory faster than ever before will reduce water in inventory and add hundreds of thousands of dollars to the dealer’s bottom line.

Create a competitive advantage with CarOffer.

Meet Our Staff

The Innovators Behind CarOffer

Bruce Thompson
Chief Executive Officer
Sherif Jitan
Chief Information Officer
Connie Le
Director of Project Management
Jeff Bittancourt
Director of Operations
Andrea Brennan
Integration Manager
Kim Jenkins
Director of Operations
Scott Johnston
Chief Strategy and Partnerships Officer
Latrice Terry
Implementation Manager
Chris Adams
Executive Trainer
Chas Vandersypen
Arbitration Manager
David White
Chief Financial Officer
Erin Andersen
Creative Director
Dani Sok
Director of HR and Talent
Autumn Ross
Mark Bland
Chief Sales Officer
Ziad Chartouni
Chief Technology Officer
Nick Gerlach
Vice President of Dealer Relations
Paneer Shekar
Vice President of Software Engineering

From the creators of American Auto Exchange, Redbumper, and Pearl360...we are disrupting the automotive industry once again.

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