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    The Streamlined Way to Sell Used Inventory

    Using our automated platform, dealers can get instant offers from buyers across the country and remove the risks associated with stale inventory.


    The Selling Platform Built with the Future in Mind

    The past year taught us that the traditional selling process of used inventory simply doesn’t cut it. For your dealership to maximize revenue and minimize risk, you need to embrace cutting-edge digital solutions that expand your selling market, streamline internal processes, and satisfy customers and clients. Enter CarOffer, the platform designed to solve your dealership’s biggest challenges and provide you with automated daily offers on your frontline ready units.

    Make Aged Inventory
    a Thing of the Past

    Sitting on inventory that simply won’t sell is never a good feeling. While almost every dealership faces aged inventory, few have the tools and solutions in place to properly address it. CarOffer’s automated platform expands your geographical bubble and streamlines the selling process, empowering your dealership to offload inventory quickly and cost-effectively. Start getting instant offers from buyers across the country at the point of appraisal.


    Negotiate Trades with Complete Confidence

    Whether you’re unable to provide an offer fast enough or you aren’t confident in the trade value, there are several reasons a trade can go wrong. Through TradeGrade™, CarOffer automates the appraisal process and allows dealers to get an offer in seconds. Simply review and submit your vehicles and TradeGrade™ will take care of the rest. Stop missing out on trades and utilize the platform to increase profits and satisfy customers.

    CarOffer Buys Back Your Stale Inventory

    Sometimes, inventory simply won’t sell. When it doesn’t, it causes both sunken costs and added stress. Through our 45-day guarantee program, CarOffer aims to alleviate some of that stress by buying back any vehicles you purchase through our platform after 45 days. This means that, whenever you make a purchase through CarOffer, you can rest easy knowing that if you’re not able to sell a vehicle, we’ve got you covered.

    The Tools to Move You Forward

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