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    Get Your Trade On

    With real-time offers at the point of appraisal, CarOffer enables you to negotiate deals with confidence and, in turn, trade more cars each month.


    Meet the Dealer-to-Dealer Trade Platform Built for Today’s World

    2020 taught us that dealerships need options when it comes to trading used inventory. With in-person auto auctions not possible as a result of the pandemic, dealerships were left scrambling to implement alternative strategies. Consider CarOffer your middle man on trading cars, and the best alternative to the traditional wholesale auction model. Our platform is designed to align with your specific trading criteria, and can ensure every unit on your lot gets offers quickly.


    Discover the Power of Instant, Accurate Appraisals

    Pulling together an accurate appraisal can take some time, or at least long enough for customers to walk away from a deal. To close more deals and spend less time manually gathering appraisal information, use CarOffer’s centralized, streamlined platform for all trades. We can help you better negotiate the trade value of your vehicles and ensure quality offers start coming in within seconds of listing your inventory.


    More Than Just a Trading Tool

    When it comes to trading used inventory, closing a deal is only half of the battle. Transporting vehicles to and from your lot needs to be handled in both a timely and cost-efficient manner. That’s why CarOffer takes care of the transportation of traded vehicles on your behalf. Allowing us to handle the logistics of vehicle transportation ensures you’re able to focus on the most pressing issues facing your dealership.


    Our Trade Advisors Are Here to Help

    CarOffer works best when our clients know how to best establish and leverage our platform. Whether you need help adjusting your trading preferences or want advice on how to most effectively initiate trades, our experienced team of trade advisors is standing by ready to assist you. Our advanced, intelligent platform coupled with our people-powered approach to providing personalized solutions is what enables us to deliver results for dealerships.

    Trade More with our Solutions

    CarOffer is the faster, smarter, better way to get the most value out of your used inventory.

    Let’s Get Started

    Want to take CarOffer for a test drive? Contact us today or schedule a quick 15 minute demo with one of our CarOffer experts.

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