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    Appraise Trades in an Instant with CarOffer

    TradeGrade™ is the powerful tool that enables you to sell more cars each month by streamlining the appraisal and offer process. In just a few clicks, you can have vehicles reviewed, submitted, and seen by buyers across the country.

    How Does TradeGrade™ Work?

    Perform Appraisal Process Our automated appraisal process only takes a few seconds, enabling you to accurately appraise trades quickly.
    Get an Offer in Seconds Once you’ve submitted your vehicles, premium offers are delivered instantly at the point of appraisal.
    Negotiate with Confidence Once the offers start coming in, you’ll already have all the information you need to find the best value for your vehicles.

    Appraise in Seconds. Offers in a Flash.

    TradeGrade™ gives you the power to appraise trades in near real-time, streamlining the trading process and enabling you to move more vehicles off your lot each month. Once you’ve submitted vehicles through the CarOffer platform, offers will follow shortly after.


    Get Top-Notch Value for Your Vehicles

    Not only does TradeGrade™ make the process of giving offers easier and more efficient, but it also empowers you to get more money for your vehicles. Armed with all the information you need to convince buyers of the value of your inventory, you’ll be able to negotiate trades with confidence and bring in more revenue for your dealership.

    CarOffer is the best tool we’ve seen in years –it’s powerful and simple to use. We have successfully bought and sold units on CarOffer, and the system has allowed us to trade for 20-25% more vehicles due to its real-time offers at point of appraisal. I encourage every dealer to look at CarOffer.

    Chuck Kramer | COO, Foundation Auto Corp

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