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    Discover the Power of Group Trade

    Group Trade enables you to move inventory within your group to the dealership where it is most likely to sell–in the shortest period of time and with the greatest profit potential.

    How Does It Work?

    CarOffer identifies the dealership(s) that are likely to sell the car the fastest and for the most profit.

    Review Your Inventory Using CarOffer’s data-driven insights, determine which vehicles you’d like to trade to another dealership within your group.
    Make Your Picks Make your selection, finalize the transaction, and let CarOffer notify accounting for record-keeping.
    Move Vehicles Handle transport on your own or let CarOffer facilitate moving the vehicle.

    Get Your Vehicles in the Right Hands

    When your dealer group works collectively for the benefit of every individual dealership, everyone wins. While you may not have ready buyers for certain vehicles on your lot, there’s a chance someone within your dealer group does. Leverage CarOffer’s BuyingMatrix™ to allow for automated offers on in-group inventory, as well as real-time group offers at the point of appraisal. Give the vehicles within your dealership the best chance of selling by ensuring they’re on the right lot.


    Data-Driven Insights That Strengthen Your Trading Decisions

    The dealerships within your group may operate in different states, so how do you determine which vehicles would be more likely to sell elsewhere? Leveraging our historical sales data from each dealership within your group, CarOffer helps you identify the dealerships that are most likely to sell the car quickly and cost-efficiently. Increase your profit potential and discover the better way to group trade.

    We believe our new Group Trade platform is a break-through for the industry. We’ve been trying to solve the problem since we created AAX in 2001. Bringing our BuyingMatrix™ and unique matching technology to the equation brought it all together and solved the problem.

    Bruce Thompson | Founder & CEO of CarOffer

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