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    Power your Website with our ConsumerLane™ Vehicle Trade-in Solution

    ConsumerLane™ enables you to give customers a cash offer for their used vehicle within seconds. By providing CarOffer-backed “Sell your Car” and trade-in instant binding offers on your dealer website, you can beat your competition to win by leveraging the buying power of CarOffer. You can keep the vehicles or simply sell them to CarOffer. Regardless, the customer is exclusively yours 100% of the time.

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    Create Your Own Buy from Consumer Inventory Source The non-franchise Big Box retailers dominate the direct from consumer inventory channel today. ConsumerLane™ allows our dealers to win these cars back and beat the competition.
    ConsumerLane™ Can be Used in Any Digital Retail Process An exact payment cannot be calculated if the trade-in is an estimated number. ConsumerLane™ allows our dealers to give a real cash offer for the trade in seconds.
    Alleviate the Risk Don’t want to keep the car? Pass the vehicle on to CarOffer, backed by the highest offer in the Buying Matrix™.

    Drive Traffic. Generate Sales.

    Strategizing distinct ways to sell inventory and generate buzz around your dealership are likely major areas of focus for your business. Now, imagine a tool that does both at the same time. ConsumerLane™ allows you to keep vehicles purchased from consumers on your lot, or wholesale them directly on the CarOffer trade platform. And with the ability to integrate ConsumerLane directly on your website, dealers can deliver co-branded invitations and offers that drive traffic.

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    Helping You Navigate the Used-Car Market

    We’ve seen firsthand how the pandemic has presented dealerships with immense challenges. As a business dedicated to helping dealers succeed and prepare for the post-pandemic market, we’re proud to offer Consumer Lane free of charge to all of our dealership partners. We anticipate upcoming uncertainty and volatility in auction lanes across the country as regions begin to lift restrictions, which is why we’re committed to giving dealerships the best chance to thrive during these uncertain times.

    We piloted ConsumerLane and did a side-by-side comparison with other online appraisal applications. CarOffer’s product quickly distanced itself from the competition. We’ve been able to buy many more cars from consumers with ConsumerLane, and those that don’t fit our retail criteria, we simply sell on the CarOffer platform with the click of a button. It’s a very powerful and much needed product and it’s a win-win for our dealerships and our customers.

    Jeff Dyke | President, Sonic Automotive

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