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    Uncharted Waters: How Dealerships Can Navigate the Current Automotive Landscape

    How Will Your Dealership Fit Into the Future of the Auto Industry?

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    For car dealerships across the country, denying the rapid evolution of the auto industry is no longer an option. 

    Advanced technology and resources, coupled with a lingering pandemic and global microchip shortages, have forever changed the traditional means of buying and selling used inventory. 

    Gone are the days of brick-and-mortar houses and in-person auctions — in their place stand digital retailing platforms and autonomous buying and selling software.

    In our guide, ‘Uncharted Waters: How Dealerships Can Navigate the Current Automotive Landscape’, we discuss how today’s auto industry is ushering in new and improved ways for dealerships to drive growth. We also take a closer look at the groundbreaking dealer-to-dealer trade platform that enables dealers to buy, sell, and trade pre-owned inventory with complete confidence and control.

    Dealer-to-dealer platforms are becoming more and more commonplace, meaning it’s time for your dealership to embrace change now in order to stay competitive with the market. Download your copy of the guide today!

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    We piloted ConsumerLaneTM and did a side-by-side comparison with other online appraisal applications. CarOffer’s product quickly distanced itself from the competition. We’ve been able to buy many more cars from consumers with ConsumerLaneTM, and those that don’t fit our retail criteria, we simply sell on the car offer platform with the click of a button. It’s a very powerful and much-needed product and it’s a win-win for our dealerships and our customers.

    Jeff Dyke | President, Sonic Automotive