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    Join thousands of dealers that already receive connections from CarOffer, saving time and money with our stress-free, inventory sourcing experience.

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    Request a Demo Answer a couple questions to get started and we'll contact you about setting up a private demo. In just 15 minutes you'll learn how our platform works and we'll start the enrollment process.
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    Set Up Your Buying Matrix Submit custom buy orders for the exact quantities, years, makes, models, colors, and fuel types that you need each month. A CarOffer representative will guide you every step of the way.
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    We Source Your Inventory The buy matrix will automatically match your buy orders to other dealers' fresh trades nationwide, and to the millions of front-line ready vehicles within the platform.
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    CarOffer will do the Rest We take care of fulfilling orders, exchanging titles, processing payments, and getting the vehicles delivered to your lot. We also inspect every vehicle before it gets to you so you don't have to.

    We've Got You Covered

    CarOffer’s OfferGuard allows you to purchase with confidence.

    If you can’t sell your vehicle, we’ll buy it back, guaranteed.
    Used vehicles have never been in more demand by both dealers and consumers. We help you keep your lot stocked and inventory turning.



    ConsumerLane™ enables you to give customers a cash offer for their used vehicle within seconds. By providing CarOffer-backed “Sell your Car” and trade-in instant binding offers on your dealer website, you can beat your competition to win by leveraging the buying power of CarOffer. You can keep the vehicles or simply sell them to CarOffer. Regardless, the customer is exclusively yours 100% of the time.

    Power your Website with our ConsumerLane™ Vehicle Trade-in Solution

    Instant Offers

    Get automatic instant offers at the point of appraisal through the platform that has buyers bidding on your inventory every single day.

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    TradeGrade™ is the powerful tool that enables you to sell more cars each month by streamlining the appraisal and offer process. In just a few clicks, you can have vehicles reviewed, submitted, and seen by buyers across the country.

    Appraise Trades in an Instant with CarOffer

    45-Day Guarantee

    Make aged inventory a thing of the past. Vehicles purchased through the CarOffer platform that are still on your lot after 45 days can be bought back by us.

    Take Aged Inventory Off Your Hands

    Brilliant platform! [CarOffer] handles all of the time consuming logistics. I am literally buying cars while I sleep. I am able to focus on running my business now. If you are considering coming on board, wait not a day longer! Like any great tool, it’s backed by great people, but you do need to put the time into it. You will soon see the results as inventory arrives and your old age units go to other buyers at sometimes prices that exceed your asking price. Thank you, CarOffer!

    Danny Archibald | Owner of Archibald’s Inc.