New! OfferGuard

Buy all the cars you need and guarantee a 45-day turn every time.


CarOffer is Proud to Introduce OfferGuard™

With OfferGuard, dealers can buy vehicles through the Buying Matrix™ and insure their purchases for 45 days. CarOffer will guarantee the purchase price for vehicles under $45k up to 45 days. If the vehicle is not retailed within 45 days, CarOffer will take it off the dealers’ hands with the click of a button… it’s that simple!



How It Works

  1. Setup the Buying Matrix™.
  2. Set preferences for price and quantity.
  3. The Buying Matrix will source inventory for you.
  4. Your original purchase price is protected for up to 45 days.
  5. After 45 days, CarOffer buys it.

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Rules For Participation

Franchise store vehicle purchases through the Buying Matrix™ platform. 

Premium = Greater of $250 or 1% of Purchase Price up to $45k vehicle price

OfferGuard Buyback price is the lesser of the dealer's bid price or 105% of MMR (as of the original purchase date)

Vehicles must be listed online within 72 hours of vehicle arrival (determined by transportation arrival date)

Returned Vehicles must be front-line ready as defined in the CarOffer terms and conditions. 

Dealer is responsible for transportation and buy fees.

Vehicles should not have more than 350 additional miles since purchase.

Return window is day 42-45 from the vehicle delivery date.  Return may be initiated in the CarOffer portal.


Ineligible Vehicles:

TMU, Salvage, TRA, flood, MSO, branded title. CarOffer reserves the right to deem any vehicle ineligible for coverage at its discretion including, exotics, specialty, hand-built, hybrids, certain rentals, certain convertibles, certain manual transmission.