How It Works: Instant Offers

Eliminate the risk of aged inventory with CarOffer’s instant offers.

Discover how our instant offers work and stop taking a loss on aging inventory.

How It Works

  1. Log into CarOffer
  2. Appraise a trade or review a vehicle from your inventory
  3. Review the instant offers for that vehicle
  4. Select the best offer(s) for you
  5. The platform will guide you through the next steps to fulfill the selected offer(s).

Rise Above Water

No More Underwater Inventory

Our instant offers can help your dealership eliminate aged inventory–for good. Get automated daily offers on your frontline ready units. Vehicles are organized by age each morning with real-time offers waiting for their disposal. Have buyers bidding on your inventory every single day - an exit strategy you’ve never seen before.

“CarOffer is the best tool we’ve seen in years –it’s powerful and simple to use. We have successfully bought and sold units on CarOffer, and the system has allowed us to trade for 20-25% more vehicles due to its real-time offers at point of appraisal. I encourage every dealer to look at CarOffer.”

Chuck Kramer, COO, Foundation Auto Corp

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Buying Matrix

Our solutions are comprehensive. The Buying Matrix is a purchasing platform for pre-owned vehicles, where you can buy used inventory at the exact prices and options you desire with the click of a button.

Learn About the Buying Matrix