New! Group Trade

Trade vehicles quickly and easily between stores within the same auto group.

Introducing Group Trade

Leverage CarOffer’s patent pending Buying Matrix™ to allow for automated offers on in-group inventory as well as real-time group offers at the point of appraisal. Executive managers can now move vehicles from a centralized trade desk with ease. Utilize CarOffer's Group Trade Platform to move inventory within your group to the dealership where it is most likely to sell in the shortest period of time with the greatest profit potential.



How It Works

  1. Identify the car(s) that you want to move within the group
  2. Let CarOffer analyze historical sales data from each dealership
  3. CarOffer identifies the dealership(s) that are likely to sell the car the fastest and for the most profit
  4. Make your selection, finalize the transaction, and let CarOffer notify accounting for record-keeping
  5. Handle transport on your own or let CarOffer facilitate moving the vehicle.

“We believe our new Group Trade platform is a break-through for the industry. We’ve been trying to solve the problem since we created AAX in 2001. Bringing our Buying Matrix™ and unique matching technology to the equation brought it all together and solved the problem.”

Bruce Thompson, Founder + CEO of CarOffer

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Our solutions are comprehensive. The Buying Matrix is a purchasing platform for pre-owned vehicles, where you can buy used inventory at the exact prices and options you desire with the click of a button.

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