The CarOffer technology suite includes a real-time, integrated “point of appraisal” bidding platform, as well as automated inventory, offers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All of these “on-the-money” offers are available for instant liquidation and also come with an optional 45-day guaranteed sale offer. CarOffer delivers a sophisticated and completely integrated tool suite that can replace 6 subscription products dealers are currently paying various vendors thousands of dollars each month. The platform also enables dealers to buy and acquire retail-ready, up-stream inventory with confidence and discipline via CarOffer’s patent-pending dealer-to-dealer transaction marketplace known as Matrix. It is a revolutionary new way to both acquire and liquidate inventory instantly.

The CarOffer platform is an entirely new approach that was only made possible by advances in technology. CarOffer combines technology, data and a national marketplace to power the CarOffer trade platform delivering higher trade penetration, faster inventory turns, new acquisition channels and higher profitability. CarOffer’s patent pending Matrix has created a revolutionary new trading marketplace that instantly matches buyers and sellers of vehicles.

CarOffer is unique and not like any other system available today.  It is a sophisticated, data-driven buyers’ marketplace and technology suite that evokes bidding confidence by providing instant backstop bids and 45-day guaranteed buyback offers given at the point of appraisal. CarOffer has created an entirely new way for dealers to win more trades, acquire more used inventory, and sell more cars for a lot less than they are doing now.  Schedule a demo to see it for yourself. CarOffer…

  • Takes the guesswork (and much of the risk) out of valuing vehicles… know instantly and receive an “on-the-money” value to win more appraisal offers.
  • Significantly reduces the cost of acquiring and disposing of inventory.
  • Virtually eliminates the open-ended risk of aging inventory, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in doing so.
  • Allows dealers to find buy-ready customers and locate exactly what they want — instantly.
  • Gives dealers an exit ramp from the “race-to-the-bottom" that is plaguing the industry and crushing margins.
  • Reduces reconditioning time and cost dramatically.
  • Simplifies inventory acquisition.
  • There is no subscription fee for CarOffer, your true partner in helping you achieve higher margins.

Over 1,000 dealership locations have already committed to utilizing the CarOffer platform, and the number of CarOffer participants is expected to rise significantly as the platform rapidly scales up.

While we aren’t disclosing those at this time, suffice it to say many of the largest national acquirers of used car inventory are participating in the CarOffer marketplace.

A typical dealer using CarOffer could:

  • Save up to $500K+ in auction fees
  • Save $500K or more by eliminating units over 45 days.  Depreciation and carry cost in this area cost dealers significant amounts
  • Save $150K-$245K by eliminating unnecessary software fees and service providers
  • Doubling appraisal close ratios can increase bottom line profit over $2M for the average dealer
  • Reduced transaction fees (CarOffer’s are 2/3rd those of the major auctions)

As our founder and chief visionary Bruce Thompson says, “The bottom line about CarOffer is all about the bottom line. Using CarOffer to win more trades and buy more cars more cars saves a dealer money…lots of money. Trades make 150% more profit than purchased units and sell in half the time.  Winning 30% more trades translates into 75 incremental monthly unit sales for the average dealer.”

The platform includes a real-time valuation system, a national trading marketplace and a sophisticated marketing system. PLUS, we include several other applications for free that up to now were subscription-based services once a dealer fully adopts the CarOffer valuation system.

Yes, CarOffer can integrate with the major Dealer Management Systems.

While installs can vary, the turnaround time is rapid. Our goal is to create a smooth experience leveraging our experts and best practices to get you operational fast and your team comfortable with the process and adoption of the technology.

CarOffer has a customer-first service and training team staffed with industry professionals to ensure you get the training you need to maximize the value and achieve optimal utilization of the platform for your business.

Yes, and they will often. CarOffer is a Mobile First design that powers access on cell phones, tablets and laptops.

  • There is no subscription fee for the platform or its applications.    
  • Transaction fees for buying/selling cars are 2/3rd those of auctions.