How It Works: Consumer Lane

Want to buy more cars from Consumers? Let Consumer Lane help! Consumer Lane equips dealers with a retention and service drive marketing tool with no subscription fee. If you would like to see a brief demo fill out the form below or contact your Trade Advisor.


Consumer Buying Solution

Automatically Market to Consumers

Consumer Lane is a new feature on CarOffer’s smart instant trading platform that brings automation and efficiency to marketing and selling vehicles to consumers. By connecting with shoppers and customers at every touchpoint - from the service lane to the website - dealers can serve up relevant, real-time offers to unlock profitability with every opportunity. 

Consumer Lane Overview

Here's How it Works

  • Identify and optimize customers eligible for upgrades with automated delivery of co-branded invitations and offers.
  • Boost website engagement with instant offers to shoppers for their trade-in vehicles. When they accept, keep that vehicle or wholesale it on the CarOffer trade platform. 
  • Full DMS and CRM integrations make accessing customers - from the service lane to the database - simple and instant.
  • High-end graphic design, marketing, and data management bring key features under one umbrella.
  • Generate a 15-second condition report from any mobile device and get an instant. guaranteed buy offer backed by the customer Buying Matrix™.
  • Availability of live offers from local and national buyers.

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