How It Works: Buying Matrix™

Buy the pre-owned inventory you want — at the price you specify — 24 hours a day

Buy And Sell Without The Extra Cost At Auction


Automatically bid on the pre-owned inventory you want with the Buying Matrix.

How It Works

  1. Access the Buying Matrix™
  2. Choose the cars you want to buy
  3. Select price you want to pay and quantity desired
  4. The Matrix does the work for you
  5. Review your rules regularly, adjust as needed

Manage your pre-owned lot from your desktop

Take Control of Your Used Inventory

Acquire pre-owned inventory in a more cost-effective and less time-consuming way. CarOffer allows you to set parameters for which vehicles you would like on the lot at your dealership.

Our Buying Matrix is an instant purchasing platform for pre-owned vehicles. Our platform relies on a vast dealer-to-dealer transaction network— backed by over 1.5 million vehicles of instant buying power.

Our system will automatically fulfill your inventory preferences, keeping your lot turning over quickly and maximizing your store's profit potential. CarOffer provides you with premium offers on vehicles you may have trouble selling. With your inventory automatically stocked, you will always have the right vehicles for your target customers.

“The biggest thing we are taking away from CarOffer is the way we can control the expense, the appraisal evaluation, and the losses that happen at 45–90 days on used cars that are sitting on the lot.”

Derek Simons , Friendship Automotive

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It doesn’t stop with the Matrix. In addition, we’re solving your aging inventory problems, with a more streamlined and accurate process for appraising your used inventory.

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