How It Works: 45-Day Guaranteed Offers

Eliminate the risk of aged inventory with CarOffer’s instant offers.

Discover how our 45-Day Guarantee works and stop taking a loss on aging inventory.

How It Works

  1. Log into CarOffer
  2. Review Inventory Offers
  3. Select a 45-Day Guaranteed Offer
  4. Show the vehicle without worrying about the clock
  5. If vehicle is still on the lot after 45 Days, CarOffer will schedule to pick it up

Rise Above Water

No More Underwater Inventory

Tired of taking losses on your underwater inventory? By the time the average vehicle reaches day 45, it has lost approximately $750 in evaporating water due to depreciation and floor plan interest. By day 90, it's $1,500!

Sell used inventory instantly to our national buyers with ease using CarOffer’s instant offer system. Our 45-Day Guarantee Offer ensures that if a vehicle is still on your lot at 45 days, we will buy that vehicle and take it off your hands.

It’s simple. Review competitive offers on the vehicles that are brought in for trade or the used inventory on your lot. Assess and negotiate confidently without feeling locked in to selling each unit to a consumer. Rest easy knowing your used inventory will never sit for more than a month and a half again.

“I am excited about the unique ways to acquire trades. The instant offers will be the most impactful tool seen with CarOffer knowing that it is going to reduce costs and improve speed.”

Tim Pohanka, Pohanka Auto Group

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Buying Matrix

Our solutions are comprehensive. The Buying Matrix is a purchasing platform for pre-owned vehicles, where you can buy used inventory at the exact prices and options you desire with the click of a button.

Learn About the Buying Matrix