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    Control + Automation = Profit For Your Dealership

    Revolutionize your dealership's success with CarOffer. With thousands of dealers in our nation-wide network, we make it easy to automate inventory, connect with the right buyers, and maximize profitability.

    Buy, Sell, & Trade with Confidence

    CarOffer is reimagining the way you buy, sell, and trade vehicles. Supercharge your dealership's efficiency, streamline processes, and amplify profits with our new & improved platform.

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    84% of Our Vehicles Receive a Full Mechanical Inspection Delivering upgraded operations, innovative solutions, & quality service, guaranteed.
    [Q4 2023]
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    6 Day Average Vehicle Delivery Automatic transportation & faster drop-off. A guaranteed better experience with hassle-free, streamlined logistics & rapid processing times.
    [Q4 2023]
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    Average Title Turn Time is 13 Days With upgraded operations & top-notch dealer support, our platform’s innovative features are working seamlessly–for your success.
    [Q4 2023]

    The offers we get for our vehicles are almost always above market values. The process is simple and easy to use, and the team is very professional which makes the whole experience even smoother. They are constantly working on improving the platform further, introducing new features and ways to accommodate our needs.

    Boris Tabak | Auto World USA

    When we buy cars, they are retail ready. So a car lands, I look at it, if I want to buy it, I have 24 hours to buy it. If I don't choose to buy it, they just pick it up and it goes to the next highest bidder on the platform.

    Ronnie Catanese | Used Car Manager • Clay Subaru

    I absolutely love how CarOffer makes buying and selling my cars as easy as two or three clicks of the mouse! I have a constant and well-balanced inventory with strong pricing and front-line-ready vehicles. It's a premium purchase experience that is priceless for any automotive company.

    Anthony Robinson | Nissan of Chattanooga East

    Shift into High Gear & Conquer the Roadblocks Ahead

    Fuel your dealership's growth by revving up strategies that allow you to buy, sell, and trade used vehicles in a fraction of the time and cost.

    Keep Risks at a Minimum Our quality guarantee safeguards your investment by covering any vehicle requiring repairs exceeding $1,000, backed by our comprehensive arbitration policy.
    More Reach. More Opportunities. Expand your inventory options and overcome affordability challenges with CarOffer's nationwide reach, ensuring access to a diverse range of vehicles.
    Eliminate Transportation Logistics Cut transport expenses and streamline operations with our transportation network, managing inspections and titles on your behalf.
    Automation with Full Control Take charge of your deals with CarOffer's automated system. Set preferred rates for your inventory and purchase, maintaining full control throughout the process.


    More Than Just an Inventory Tool

    What are you willing to pay for value inventory? What are you willing to take for inventory that is taking up space on your lot? Unlike competitors, CarOffer allows dealerships to think about their broader business model in the process of finding and offloading inventory. By programming a wide range of values into CarOffer’s automated purchase system, you can think critically about the ROI of each vehicle at scale. In turn, you can find inventory efficiently while building the foundations of your revenue into the algorithm we use to search and purchase on your behalf.

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    Our Quality Guarantee Has You Covered

    At CarOffer, we ensure that should any vehicle arrive that needs more than the standard $1,000 in repairs, we’ll cover the costs. Rest easy knowing that every vehicle you sell or purchase on our platform is fully safeguarded by our comprehensive arbitration policy.

    Get More Out of Your Buy, Sell, and Trade Processes

    Opportunities await your dealership. Take the first step and connect with CarOffer to explore how our buying, selling, and trading solutions can deliver for your particular business.

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