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Driving The Change You Need

CarOffer is the retail automotive industry’s first instant wholesale vehicle trading platform that addresses the issue of margin compression dealers have struggled with for decades.

The CarOffer platform is backed by the nation’s largest pre-owned operators, giving dealers instant buying power to over 1.5M vehicles, and access to premium offers at point of appraisal, within 2-5 seconds. With CarOffer, dealers can double the number of vehicles traded every month 100% faster and for 150% higher profitability.


Solving the Industry’s Toughest Challenges with Innovative Technology

CarOffer equips dealers with an unprecedented level of trading power. Through out patent-pending Matrix™ and TradeGrade™ systems, dealers can add hundreds of thousands of dollars to their bottom line faster than ever before.



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We’re transforming operations in dealerships all across the U.S. with our revolutionary technology, backed by years of innovation.

We are so confident our software will change your pre-owned business, that we designed CarOffer to be free of contract, free of terms, and free of risk. Test drive our software and see why 200 dealers are signing with CarOffer each month.