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    Exchange Underperforming Inventory

    PremiumXchange is the industry’s largest national group trade desk that allows dealers to overcome market disparity by exchanging underperforming inventory for top-performing vehicles.

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    Looking for a New Way to Trade?

    PremiumXchange works like a national group trade desk. By allowing dealers to trade front-line ready vehicles, dealers can buy and sell at established premium pricing and help ease the current decline in pre-owned inventory values.

    How Does It Work?

    PremiumXchange allows dealers to trade out of aged vehicles to avoid wholesale losses. With CarOffer, dealers can exchange vehicles one-to-one with other dealers.

    Identify Underperforming Vehicles A car that does not sell well in one market may move fast in another.
    Data-Driven Tool Our platform will identify dealers looking for the vehicle you want to trade and match with the vehicles you need based on the parameters you put in our system.
    One-for-One Trade Once PremiumXchange identifies the trade and dealers agree, CarOffer handles all logistics. Both dealers prevent wholesale losses and get a car they can sell!

    PremiumXchange made me a believer when it made me $5,000 on one car. I tell everyone in my group about CarOffer, tell them to explore it, and if anybody ever asks me anything about CarOffer, I highly recommend the program and the platform.

    Chris Shreve | Used Car Manager at Feldman Ford, Detroit, MI

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