CarOffer’s Instant Bid Ecosystem Is Revolutionizing The Way Dealers Generate Profits

The Matrix™

A patent-pending, momentous change to the industry – The Matrix is the heart and soul of CarOffer’s instant trade platform. Over 1.5 million buy orders are converted and managed into 2-5 second vehicle offers. The Matrix is engineered with the most sophisticated custom mapping engine ever created for the auto industry.

The Trade Floor

A team of over 100 highly qualified “Trade Advocates” work hand-in-hand with dealer partners to optimize CarOffer’s unique capabilities. 

24/7 Inventory Offers

CarOffer gives continual offers on every vehicle in a dealer’s inventory – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Offers refresh every 24 to 72 hours. Just like the stock market, CarOffer is a market-maker for buyers and sellers connecting them instantly and seamlessly through its patent-pending Matrix.  


An integrated application allowing dealers to qualify a customer’s trade-in instantly.  Complementing the country’s best appraisal tools, TradeGrade provides instantaneous “buy” offers for fresh trades allowing dealers to dramatically increase their appraisal win ratios with CarOffer’s premium bids.

45 Day Guaranteed Inventory Turn

CarOffer gives two premium offers on every vehicle. The first allows the seller to liquidate immediately and the second is an offer that will expire in 45 days. A dealer can sell the vehicle at the 45 Day Guaranteed price any day between the first and 45th day, solving a dealer’s aged inventory problem immediately.