Overcome All Your Pre-Owned Inventory Challenges

Streamline your trade process and add hundreds of thousands of dollars to your bottom line.


Driving Change on Your Pre-Owned Lot

Writing off technology and trade-in practices as “old-fashioned” and used car sales as “slow” sugarcoats a massive problem: dealerships are losing money.

In fact, the average dealer actually lost over $13K in 2018, according to NADA data.

That’s where we come in. Here at CarOffer, we’re driving change in the auto industry with the cutting-edge tech you need to profit.


Stop Missing Trades

TradeGrade™ is our predefined trade-in tool, designed to provide accurate offers on trade-ins in real-time. Claim the upper hand in your appraisal process with competitive prices that no customer will walk away from again.


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Eliminate Aged Inventory

Sell used inventory with ease using CarOffer’s instant offer system. Our 45-Day Guarantee Offer ensures that if a vehicle is still on your lot at 45 days, we’ll take the car off your hands. Never let used inventory sit for more than a month and a half again.


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Pre-Order Used Vehicles

Our Buying Matrix is an instant purchasing platform for pre-owned vehicles, where you can stock only the vehicles you know will sell. With your inventory automatically filled, you will always have the right vehicles for your target customers— fresh on your lot.


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