The Key To Profitability Is To Trade For More Cars

With CarOffer, you have instant buying power and demand of over 1.5 million vehicles from the industry’s largest pre-owned operators. The scale of our national buyer network generates instant offers in 2-5 seconds. On average, these trades are 150% more profitable and turn in half the time of purchase units.

By generating premium offers at the point of appraisal through our proprietary BackStop Bid, we eliminate the tendency to “steal trades,” which lifts the average appraisal close ratio by 30-40%.

CarOffer is an exit ramp from the “race to the bottom” that’s plaguing the industry and crushing margins.

Imagine No Vehicles Over 45-Days Old

Rather than water in inventory, our platform allows dealers to have equity in inventory.

The average dealer with 120 units on hand loses $350k per year on units over 45-days old. These watered-down margins affect dealers in many ways, from reduced net profit, wholesale loss, or missed appraisal opportunities. Elimination of this 45-day bucket with a guaranteed buy order will add at least $350k to the dealer’s bottom line.

Additionally, with a guaranteed inventory turn time, the guesswork disappears. Dealers can confidently and aggressively spend without risk of losing equity.

Generating Premium Offers On Nearly Every Unit All Of The Time

CarOffer bids refresh every 24-72 hours, allowing users to liquidate instantly. Simply click and drag vehicles to the cart and our system will calculate real-time profit and loss for the included vehicles.

This unprecedented level of data-driven analysis allows dealers to improve retail processes to maximize business opportunities. Access to constant buying and selling power will ensure dealers maintain a steady flow of inventory and profit.

Buy And Sell Without The Extra Cost At Auction

Our system not only allows dealers to sell a vehicle in 2-5 seconds, but it also allows them to order and buy pre-owned inventory at specific prices rather than fight it out in the auction lanes.

The average dealer pays $600k per year in auction and transportation fees. With CarOffer, dealers will cut that expenditure in half adding on average $300k to their bottom line. Dealers will also save hundreds of hours spent at auction to facilitate additional growth at the dealership level.

Our patent-pending process is transformative, instilling buying and selling discipline so dealers no longer force one another to “race to the bottom.” The more dealers that join the CarOffer network, the more profitable margins will be throughout the entire auto retail market.

Save $150k In Subscription Fees

CarOffer consolidates multiple vendors into one simple-to-use integrated solution provided free of charge. These are products dealers are already overspending on. This savings goes right into the dealer’s bottom line.

CarOffer unites all of the following into one platform:

  • Pearl Proximity
  • ShowroomXpress
  • VehicleXchange
  • Trade-In Concierge
  • RPM (Rapid Proactive Messaging)

CarOffer Ends The Practice Of Underpricing And Overspending

The race to the bottom strategy has decimated margins for pre-owned auto dealers over the past decade. Generational challenges, consumer trends, market lulls, and auction fees have gradually compressed margins to the point of limited profitability. There were no tools available to adapt to this downturn, resulting in dealers competing to offer the lowest prices at the expense of their margins.

Our platform integrates automated laser-targeted marketing strategies that will allow dealers to get off the current cycle that has plagued the industry. Rather than offering the lowest prices to make a sale, CarOffer will have dealers competing to offer the best prices in real-time. This brings power back to the dealership in a revolutionary new way.